** Pure's MoD APPLiCaTioN **

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** Pure's MoD APPLiCaTioN **

Post  Pure_Aim on Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:58 am

1. USERNAME: Pure_Aim
2. PREVIOUS EXP: I am an Admin at CrucialFX.com (its a design site but i like yours better, yours more active)
3. REASON WHY YOU ARE APPLYING: I would like to apply as a mod because i like to help and make sure nothing is going bad on this sit and everything topic is under the right thread. You will not regret having me as a mod.
4. CONTACT INFO: Pureaim18@aim.com

The website i am an admin form is right here: http://crucialfx.com/news.php

its not so popular any more.


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